The Latest EN62353 supports MEMIE’s stand on Leakage Current Levels

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Despite making reference to IEC 60601.1 at the back of the standard, 62353 has no leakage current level for a SFC greater than 500uA. (X-Ray equipment and Mains Contact Current BF are allowed up to 5mA.)

SFC is the only testing done in 62353. SFC is single fault condition whilst we not only insert the MD, (Measuring Device), in the earth line we also do a Leakage Current test with Neutral Open. Hence 500uA and 1000uA fail points for the two tests are realistic and are the same as AS/NZS3551:2004.

Neutral Open Leakage Current testing is safer as the DUT, (Device Under Test), is not powered and faults detected can be sorted without the damage that may be caused powering the DUT.

Here is a drawing from 62353:

As MEMIE has always said, Touch Current from Protectively Earthed Surfaces is Earth Leakage Current & as you will see above, that is exactly what they say.
MEMIE has always said that Touch Current is the current coming from a conductive surface or item that is NOT protectively earthed as in (B) in the drawing on Class I equipment or Class II equipment.
(C) in the drawing we refer to as Applied Part Current.

Here is a page out of the MEMIE manual on our latest Coloured Touch Screen Tester, the ELEC-4 series showing what we believe are the most practical Pass/Fail Thresholds.

Download the pdf today!


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